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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I just want to sell and not swap for items?

Nothing forces you to show your interest in any of other traders’ adverts. As long as somebody shows his interest in one of your adverts and is ready to close the deal, you can accept his offer and the negotiation will end.

Pro-trader account allows the advert owner to set automatic “acceptance” of any offer received within given intervals as soon as the other party is ready to close the deal.






4. What happens when a trader changes/updates specifications for an advert already involved in a negotiation?

All parties showing interest in the specific item will be notified to review the changes. If they are still interested in the item, they can choose to let it on the table. Otherwise, they can change their offer or remove it entirely from the negotiation.

Any alteration made to any of the item' specifications or offer will reset the negotiation status to PENDING.


2. What if I don’t like the offer made by a certain trader. Can I make a counteroffer?

As a trader you have control only on your side of the table. In other words, you have control only to the offers you make to the other party and you can’t directly manipulate the offers received for your own adverts.

As a result, you have 2 options to make a counteroffer:

• communicate your requests via the communication channel

• if you are also interested in some of his items, you can modify the offer you make so that the resulting price balance is more to your liking.



5. How can I elude spamming conversations?

You can choose to temporarily stop receiving notifications from certain traders. In extreme cases, you can unilateral block chosen trade rooms in order to stop any kind of activity on them.




3. Can one advert be on more than one negotiation table at the same time?

At any given moment, an item can be requested by any number of traders, each with her own offer. The owner decides which of the offers he is more interested in and closes the respective negotiation(s). The system automatically decreases the quantity available for that specific advert. If the remaining stock is less than the requested quantity made by any of the remaining interested traders, their respective negotiation tables will be updated to reflect the new availability of the item.




6. How bidding works on the platform.

As long as the price of an item is set as negotiable, any other party interested in it can make any offer (lower or higher than the proposed value). The owner decides what offers he accepts and closes the deal.

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