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We need iOS dev

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We need iOS developers

• capable of super effort. Super effort is that time when you feel that you cannot do more but you still do, you have to. And you do this constantly;

• extremely self-disciplined. We need army like discipline;

• that doesn’t know what to do with a vacation because when they work with joy, hope and a very big sense of purpose, they find a vacation the most annoying thing in the world;

• that are able to see connections between different activity fields;

• curiosity and imagination are way much bigger than your irony;

• bigger than curiosity is the need to help others because in this way you’ll also learn more;

• that feel literally sick when their job is not perfect and ever sicker when it’s not done. If you feel this kind of sickness often, please step away, this is not a hospital;

• that are crossing their minds every day they are mortals;

• that know any excuse is embarrassing, no matter what. No matter what;

• don’t understand the expression “this is not my job”;

• comfortable with failure. But still…

• have nothing to prove to others;

• that are just as a very good design is: unnoticeable, pleasant, efficient, reliable, polite, simple, great;

• to question things and are very critic with their own criticism;

• no matter what you do, even if you are an accountant, you are obsessed with usability. You know that our app will be used by people who are worried, concerned, have fragmented attention etc, just like you and me. This app should make their life extremely easier. You are empathetic and a good observer;

• with a lot of grit. Not as much “highly motivated” but with a lot of grit power. If you need motivation of some kind, go to a conference or something. Motivation is cognitive, grit is a muscle;

• finally, we need developers that are able to see the best in their peers because the worst is always easy to spot.

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