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Meet the Team


Marius I. Darila

Python developer

Formal Education: Informatics


Marius is a very resourceful, eager to learn and hard working person. One of the few people I know that is truly committed to his job and team. He's very good in understanding people's character and work abilities. Even you won't ever see what's under the hood, Marius is doing his work with elegance and responsibility. He joined 2ndwavers as a volunteer.

Roxana G. Costea

Desktop Publisher and Social Media Marketer

Formal Education: Mathematics and Informatics


I cannot imagine a group culture any different than Roxana's heart and soul. Any place she worked in, she makes people feel happy from the day one. I saw so many people glue together under one authority prominent figure but she's doing the very same thing with joy and kindness. She's really amazing!

Costin Mirescu

Developer and Project Manager

Formal Education: Mechanical Engineer


I never saw a person learning so quickly and giving precious insights in such short notice. Costin is the pure definition of a healthy mind and is absolutely thrilled when he needs to solve a problem. I know him since high-school and his loyalty is absolutely amazing. He also came up with the "2ndwavers" name.

Roxana Vilcu


Formal Education: Economics


Roxana also joined as a volunteer because she liked the spirit of the team. She’s full of life and hopes, always ready to help. Honest, simple, joyful. Life itself should be just like her.

Madalina Lazar


Formal education: Literature


Madalina is very serious in everything she does and has a very good understanding of a bigger purpose. You can count on her every single time, no matter how much or how hard a task is. She’s another brave volunteer who believed in us from the beginning.

Bogdan N. Pavel


iOS Developer, System Engineer and Information Architect

Formal Education: Medicine (2 years), Informatics and Mathematics


Bogdan is my best friend since we were students and I cannot imagine a better co-founder than him. He taught me so many things, is very intelligent, kind, truly open minded and a very, very hard working person. Above all, he never quit diplomacy, no matter what. If you want to do something with some dream, you better have someone like him next to you to have a chance.

Adrian A. Costea


Senior Media, UI / UX Designer and Information Architect

Formal Education: Psychology


Life is experimenting with you from day one. It would be a shame not to turn this favor.

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