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What is 2ndwavers?

An innovative swap system build on top of the old e-commerce system.

Why this approach?

Trading models’ shortcomings:

Classical Selling:

  • the buyer might not have enough money. The seller might miss an opportunity of discovering a better deal for his offer.


  • in general, transactions are won by the highest bidder (sometimes by a difference of just a few cents) without allowing the seller the chance of deciding if (s)he would rather close the deal with any other than the last cent pusher.

Pure Barter:

  • this model suffers from the very low probability of reaching 100% compatibility between offers.



Our Solution

Our system eliminates the above mentioned limitations by combining all these models in a single entity (the bilateral negotiation table), which provides the parties access to all the tools needed in order to safely reach an agreement.

Sharing economy insights

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"In 2013, revenues within the sharing economy were estimated to be $3.5 billion and growing at 25% each year.  [...] people are looking for less expensive alternatives to ownership."
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Retail Prophet

"The millennial generation is the first to not care about ownership — and that's causing a big crisis in retail."

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